Trends That Define the Spring 2022 Season

Fashion shows in Milan featured some of the most audacious presentations of the season. They were often multimedia displays and interactive platforms, as well as a reflection of fashion’s growing interest in technology. Based on our seasonal recap, the shows we’re looking forward to seeing in the coming year are the lively experiments that reinvented what a show could be. Examples include the musical collaboration between Balenciaga and The Simpsons (in an episode titled “Homer’s Enemy”), and Marni’s live-performance of an upcycled Marni exhibition (in an episode entitled “A Family Affair”).

I was never very good at the “silhouette, texture and color” part and found them more confusing than helpful. Material development is an entirely different issue. Show and shine! In the past, people were more willing to pay more for something that seemed to be a little more valuable, but designers have become less willing to indulge that impulse. We’re loving the new trends in women’s clothing. From Grecian draping at Loewe to exposed torsos at Miu Miu and crisp little skirt suits at Christian Dior. In addition to this trio of talented knitters who’ve collaborated with the designer to create unique knitted garments for him, this is a must-read for any contemporary knitter who loves texture and patterning in her knitting, from the first time she started knitting, through to today.

The season’s must-have outerwear has been reimagined with the help of designers Thebe Magugu and Luar and fashion mavericks Louis Vuitton, Nicolas Ghesquière, and Pierpaolo Piccioli. This was one of the first brands I started following when I first became interested in fashion, and I love that this collection features designers who are not afraid to explore unusual materials and concepts. The perfect bum-reveal was invented by Riccardo Tisci at Burberry. The next step in that process was when other designers followed his lead and brought it to the public eye. Today, the most successful designers use a mix of those techniques.

It did! Congratulations to you! I would go with A because you can really see how the designers are pushing the envelope. There are still some pieces that are fairly conservative and in your closet, which makes sense with the time frame.

It doesn’t matter if the basics are there or not, you’re still going to be able to sell your products and services. Stop thinking boring thoughts! She’s not a lawyer, she’s a pantsuit-wearing, no-rehashing businesswoman! If you want to try something new, spring 2022 is the time to do it. 

Mini-Skirt Suits With Major Impact

Maria Grazia Chiuri was right on target when she chose to leave the structure of the New Look behind for a dashing new slim look first made famous by Marc Bohan at Dior in 1961. At the Chanel boutique at the Grand Hyatt Hotel, a similarly carefree spirit emerged with models like Quannah Chasinghorse and Vittoria Ceretti, camping it up on the runway in classic Chanel suits. There’s a time and place for a skirt that falls above the knee and a blazer, but the modern trend looks back to the ’60s and ’80s. I know a girl named Olivia Rodriguez who makes the perfect skirt suits. They’re not your mom’s, they’re not your grandma’s and most importantly they look like she put a lot of time and effort into making them.

Beachwear Beats Ready-to-Wear

I’m totally over the cute beachy wetsuits, and surfgirl palettes have gone out of style. I prefer the latest in beachwear and swimwear trends, like the ones that you see on celebrities like Beyoncé, Kate Hudson, Kim Kardashian, and more. We all know that a surfer attitude can come from a number of places — it’s all about finding inspiration in different locations. Maybe the style is inspired by Venice Beach, where Eli Russell Linnetz makes vintage, worn-in sweaters a key part of his collection. Kiko Kostadinov is the designer behind two Australian labels, Tessa and Kiko Kostadinov. Their beachy summer collection was created with the idea of bringing the outdoors inside for those Aussie summers!